Social Traditions: FebFest Poster

One of Hamilton College’s biggest events is FebFest, a week of festivities ranging from beer tastings, movie screenings, concerts, and other performances.  For FebFest 2014, I was asked by Social Traditions — a student-led committee dedicated towards maintaining college traditions through campus events — to design the event poster.

This original poster design is one of my favorites that I have created.  The chapel pictured on the front side is a simplified version of the campus’ iconic three story chapel.  I really enjoyed the challenge of re-creating this building, because it was the first time that I used Adobe Illustrator to fully reproduce an existing image (though, obviously omitting certain architectural details in the final design to make my life easier).  This was a very ambitious project for me, especially considering the short turnaround date.  Nevertheless, it boosted my confidence immensely in designing a poster for an important event and in using a complicated software like Adobe Illustrator.

Front design

 Back design


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